HOME B'HORESH-The Savyon of Netivot – Apartments with the personal touch

Last Apartments – ready for occupancy Pesach 2015!

HOME B'HORESH in Netivot is a luxury apartment project full of promise, located opposite an open area with a view. You can realize the apartment of your dreams built to an uncompromising standard. There are a variety of 4, 5 room apartments, penthouses, garden apartments.
An innovative project in a neighborhood of luxury villas, in the greenest part of Netivot facing the woods.
As with every project from Mivnim & Netivim HOME B'HORESH combines the choice of the ideal location for you, with quality architecture and guaranteed service during the acquisition and thereafter.

You can rest assured that you are in good hands. A new life in HOME B'HORESH is living in an apartment built and designed with a personal touch, with special attention to the smallest details, in the most prestigious neighborhood.

Those of you who wish to purchase a new apartment in this residential project will benefit from an attractive price for your new home.

Netivot is on a new path
You think you know Netivot? Think again. In recent year the city has been changing moving away from the traditional on the way to becoming a vibrant modern city, which is a focal point for new residents from the South and from the whole country. As a resident in HOME B'HORESH you will be exposed to a variety of new sources of employment, as businesses and services relocate from all over the country to the new Industrial centers in the city. Also the cultural and social life is improving and you can benefit from an enhanced community infrastructure and superior public buildings with a lot of performances, shows and all kinds of high culture at the new culture and entertainment venues as well as shopping centers with all the latest brands available.

And education? Surveys show that the education system in Netivot is on the leading edge in the Negev and it is one of the most highly invested systems in the country with a network of well equipped and well kept schools, kindergartens and education institutions, which are closely supervised by the municipality's Education Department. As a resident in the HOME B'HORESH project you and your children will benefit from this education system.

Nature with a direct line to the Center of the Country
HOME B'HORESH offers you a new life in a place unlike any other! The new prestigious, residential neighborhood is situated on the western fringe of the city, facing an open area, near one family homes built in the area and near a large wooded grove. The HORESH neighborhood itself is on the banks of Nahal Bohu.

And as the name implies you are surrounded by nature and immersed in greenery. You can come and see for yourself the open expanses surrounding this luxury residential project in the best part of Netivot.  HOME B'HORESH is near the roads leading to and out of the city, so that you will have easy access to your new home and can quickly and comfortably drive to Tel Aviv and points north. Recently new direct, express bus lines have been introduced to and from Tel Aviv.

In addition, this year (2014) a new express train station is in the works which will connect Netivot to Tel Aviv in a mere hour and ten minutes.

The Neighborhood and the Neighbors
When you live in the residential project HOME B'HORESH you will benefit from all the vital community services, and during your leisure time you will be able to visit the nearby commercial center,   a pleasant neighborhood gathering spot with a variety of shops, a coffee shop, a restaurant and more. You will meet the fine people from the neighborhood, people like you who came looking to make a change in their lives and improve their quality of life. Your children will also love it! They will have use of a well equipped sports center and innovative well equipped playgrounds.


The Gateway to a Personally Customized Standard of Living
HOME B'HORESH is the gateway to a new neighborhood and even its visual design suggests a gateway to attractions which put the emphasis on comfort, without sacrificing aesthetics and a high standard of living. The project consists of four buildings of 2 – 8 stories faced in stone, each with a variety of new 4, 5 room apartments, as well as garden apartments surrounded by well kept greenery.

  Each apartment is built to the highest standard and designed in the best taste and each offers a view of the spectacular scenery and the outdoor life surrounding the neighborhood. All the buildings in the project come with parking areas with easy access and level paths leading to each building, for your benefit.


The Architecture: Tasteful Luxury Apartments
The sensitivity of the developer to the nature of your life and your personal taste enables you to choose the apartment most suitable for you, choosing from a variety of tastefully designed exclusive apartments. Thus you can choose an   apartment suitable to your way of life,   taking into consideration your family's needs. The planning from the leading architectural firm of Giora Shafir is based on the principles of comfort and practicality when dividing the space in the apartment, all for your benefit, the buyer and with a desire to make your life easier. In this way the planning of the living room strives to enlarge the space with the stress on light and space in the apartment.  The apartments also have comfortable dining areas and even the new children's rooms will meet the needs of the little ones. The cooks among you will enjoy the big kitchen, spacious, airy and well lit and ventilated.

Every apartment benefits from the wealth of technical specifications and the level of finishing which leaves no room for compromise; from the safe room in each apartment, through the secure balconies with elegant yet sturdy glass railings, to the built-in kitchen cabinets and finally to the stone facing which ensures adequate thermal insulation which stabilizes the   temperature and saves you money on electricity.


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